fleur de sel

With a unique and comforting taste, our delicious fleur de sel caramels are handcrafted using Violetta’s finest tradition.

The perfect caramel to savor or to offer!

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A rich history

A family tradition

As a little girl, I loved sleeping over at my grandmother’s house because she would make us toast with caramel before bed and for breakfast. Since I loved chocolate, she would add it to her caramel to create a chocolaty version. To this day, the taste of caramel reminds me of those moments spent with this exceptional woman. My grandmother was a warm and generous woman in her time. At the time, she managed the family bicycle store and hosted workers from the Montreal Cotton Company in her home in addition to raising her three children.

At Quintessence du gourmet, we used to make my grandmother’s caramel recipe to garnish some of our desserts. At the repeated request of our loyal customers, I decided to sell the caramel in jars. A representative from one of my suppliers liked it so much that he started promoting it to his customers. We created a first draft of a Local Gourmet label to distribute our delicious product!

Because of the success of our caramel, we created the Par Violetta brand. It’s a way to pay tribute to my grandmother, a woman who was an important part of my life. The logo represents an antique spoon and the playful design reflects the era of childhood. With Par Violetta, I want to ensure the continuity of a family recipe made from quality ingredients to reproduce the unique taste of my grandmother’s caramel.

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Trusted & quality


Made from noble ingredients, Par Violetta’s artisanal caramels are made without corn syrup or preservatives.

Our products are created with a lot of love and attention, in small quantities, in order to prioritize the quality.

No added sugar


By hand

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